Jeff's Woodwind Shop also services professional bassoons and contrabassoons.  Bassoons made by Heckel, Puchner, and Fox have seen the same exacting standard of care as other woodwinds.

In addition to the obvious pad work and precise adjustments, at JWS particular attention is paid to the condition of the bore and repairing or retreating any areas damaged or susceptible to moisture infiltration. 

As a concert saxophonist by training, Jeff has first hand insights into the demands modern repertoire and players put on their instruments.  Combine this experience with the precision required by his flute clients, and saxophones emerge from Jeff's Woodwind Shop with mechanical tolerances rarely seen even from other saxophone specialty shops.

The saxophone has several areas of compromise in its design where players accept "that's the way it is".  At Jeff's Woodwind Shop many of these areas may be dealt with in regards to tuning, response, and timbre.


Pad Options

Bassoon:White or tan leather, Omnipads

Service by appointment             +1.7164305296

Saxophone:Pro pads, JS pads, Roo pads


Flute/Piccolo:Straubinger, Straubinger Phoenix,  JS pads, Omnipads, Traditional, Muramatsu 

Clarinet:Straubinger, Omnipads, Custom shaped cork, Roo pads,  traditional

At Jeff's Woodwind Shop, a variety of pad options exist for any instrument.  Every overhaul may include a consultation on optimum pad choice for your needs.

Oboe & English Horn

Members of the clarinet family are regular visitors to Jeff's Woodwind Shop, from Ab sopraninos to Bb contrabasses.  A recent trend in the professional clarinet world is to have brand new clarinets into the shop for an overhaul with the types of pads and set up the player desires.  The character of the clarinet remains, but the new pads (which are often longer lived than those used at factories) and tighter mechanical tolerances provide for greater consistency. 

Jeff's Woodwind Shop also uses a variety of techniques to repair cracks in wood bodies.  As with oboes, certain clarinets may benefit from more comprehensive repair processes.  Ask about the heated immersion oil treatment offered at JWS.

Baltimore, MD

Members of the oboe family also represent a large portion of repair traffic at Jeff's Woodwind Shop.  When set up well with the right materials, professional oboes can retain their optimum attributes for performance for many years. 

Based on his advanced training in oboe repair, combined with decades of first hand observation of how instruments can be maintained or degraded in various conditions, Jeff rejects the notion of an instrument becoming "played out" .  With proper regular maintenance practices and detail-oriented overhauls, an undamaged instrument can provide an extended life of reliable performance.

Ask about the heated immersion oiling process at JWS.

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Oboe/English Horn:Custom shaped cork, Omnipad, sealed bladder pads (Laubin only)

Flute and Piccolo

 Players of professional flutes and piccolos make up a large portion of the clientele at Jeff's Woodwind Shop. The modern hand made flute is a marvel of engineering and fabrication, with unparalleled precision in the world of musical instruments.  Even so, when clients require something in their flute to be even more precise, Jeff is able to meet their demands.  

Jeff's Woodwind Shop is one of the few shops in the world to have extensive experience repairing flutes from the critical period of flute development in the mid 19th century.  Conservation and restoration services are available.

Jeff is trained and certified to install Straubinger pads, Muramatsu pads, and JS Gold pads.

Jeff's Woodwind Shop


Definitions of Services
Clean, Oil & Adjust (COA)

This is the standard annual service woodwinds should get. This service is intended to catch minor problems before they become more serious and require physical compensation by the player to overcome.  Instruments that have not had service in more than 18 months are likely to require additional work and cost more.

The "Clean" in a COA is a mechanical cleaning. Some cosmetic polishing can be done, but the presence of installed pads and bumpers make the degree of cleaning on the keys limited.

Specific service varies by type of instrument. Standard processes in a COA involve a complete disassembly of the instrument, washing the body, removal of old oil/grease and applying fresh lubrication, straightening of bent keys, replacing of missing/damaged bumper materials, reshimming/refloating pads as needed, adjusting mechanisms as needed.

Mechanical Overhaul

This is the top shelf repair for most instruments. The final product is often several steps above and beyond the mechanical standards for a new instrument. Many professional and artist grade woodwinds will require several of these comprehensive repairs throughout their lifetimes to continue operating at an optimal level. A mechanical overhaul is required for the successful installation of certain types of pads.

The instrument is disassembled and meticulously inspected. Keys and hinges are made to fit to extremely small tolerances. Toneholes are leveled and resurfaced to very exacting standards. Hinges are replaced as needed. Pads are installed to achieve a positive seal with the lightest touch. Pads are further adjusted to seal perfectly under real world conditions (springs and gravity causes flex in bodies). Key venting and joint fit is obsessively adjusted for the optimum response.

Pad Satisfaction Guarantee

There are many new types of highly engineered pads on the market today and some pads will make your instrument play differently.  When receiving a mechanical overhaul on your instrument at Jeff's Woodwind Shop, if you choose a new-to you pad set in Straubinger, Muramatsu, or JS pads, you have the peace of mind that if you do not like the pads it will not cost a whole overhaul again to remove the pads you do not care for.  Play on your freshly overhauled instrument for 6-8 weeks.  After that time, if the timbre or response of the pads is not to your liking, they will be replaced with a style of pad like what was there before with no additional labor charge.  All you pay for is the new-new set of pads.  (Does not apply to traditional pads or resonators)


A repad is the basic pad replacement job at JWS.  When you have your instrument overhauled and the pads wear out before the mechanism experiences wear, a repad is the way to go. It is also an economical choice for those with fairly new instruments that are mechanically sound.  Where a mechanical overhaul is done to Jeff's Specs, a repad is based off of factory specs. Pad selections are limited with this option to traditional pads regularly stocked. 

Every pad on the instrument is replaced, keys are refit as needed, toneholes are leveled and dressed as needed, key bumpers are all replaced, joints are refit, and the instrument is set up for optimal intonation and response within its design.


This is the most thorough repair offered by Jeff's Woodwind Shop. In certain rare circumstances a mechanical overhaul is not enough. This procedure addresses the basic construction of the instrument where solder may have become faulty with age, wood bores have distorted, or vital components are so worn that there is no option but to literally start from scratch. This unique procedure is often reserved for historical pieces or great playing instruments that have extreme sentimental attachment but are also extremely worn out.

Heated Immersion Oiling Treatment

This is a restorative process for piccolos, oboes, clarinets, and some wood flutes that has been proven to restore bore condition, correct warping, and stabilize wood that fluctuates due to moisture intake.  This process has been utilized by Jeff's Woodwind Shop for over 10 years on a wide range of instruments from antique flutes, to unstable late model clarinets, to oboes thought to be "played out".  The Treatment is done in conjunction with a mechanical overhaul and adds 6-8 weeks to the regular required overhaul time.