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Not Just Flutes & Saxophones!

Oboes, Clarinets, and Bassoons serviced as well

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There are many repair shops that can repair your instrument in line with how it was designed.  When it comes to professional musicians who demand more, very few shops can set up your instrument the way you require.  Jeff's Woodwind Shop calls on a remarkable depth and breadth of experience to not only make your instrument the best it can be, but what you need it to be.

Offerings at JWS

Saxophone service:

Antique, vintage, & modern. Pisoni Pro pads, Roo pads, JS Gold pads.

Jeff is changing his scheduling model in 2025 to be COA/annual service oriented rather than overhaul oriented.

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Service by appointment             +1.7164305296

"I think this plays better now than when it was new!"

Hand-made flute service:

Trained and authorized installer for Straubinger, Muramatsu, and JS Gold Pads


Baltimore, MD

Antique flute service:

Repair, conservation or restoration of historically important flutes