Repair pricing is based off of a shop labor rate of $105/hour

​Emergency repairs carry a labor rate of $155/hour with a half hour minimum charge Limited -- 24 hr turn Minimum

While-you-wait repairs with appointment:  

  • ​one hour block $125 + parts
  • ​4 hour block $550 + parts

Service by appointment             +1.7164305296

Jeff's Woodwind Shop performs repairs by appointment only

For questions, feedback, or scheduling inquiries please fill out this handy form.

Shop Policies

  • Published prices are subject to change without notice
  • Billed repairs will not exceed estimates given by more than 10%.  Estimates will have a scope of work in the description.  If necessary repairs will exceed that scope and the 10% cap, work will pause, the customer will be consulted, and a new estimate provided for approval
  • Estimates ranges provided on instruments not in hand are on a good faith basis only and are not binding until the instrument is evaluated in person.
  • Any instrument checked in at Jeff's Woodwind Shop may be filmed for use in educational or promotional publications.  Anonymity of ownership will be maintained unless permission is granted.  Customers who do not wish their instruments to be used in this way must make their wishes known in writing prior to publication.
  • Instruments not picked up within 14 days of notification may be assessed a storage fee of $10/day unless prior arrangements have been made.  Instruments not picked up within 90 days with no communication from the customer may be considered abandoned and dealt with in accordance with Maryland State Law  (MD Code, Commercial Law §§ 16-301, 16-302)

At the curent time, no walk-in traffic is serviced without a prior appointment.

Please call or email (preferred) for details on getting your instrument to us for expedient service.

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Next available slot in the calendar is

COA: January 2025

Overhaul: Spring 2025

Antiques: 2025

Need a quick-fast-in-a-hurry repair? Ask about availability for

Friday Flex Repairs

updated May 14, 2024

1847 "Blotfroy" flute  from the collection of Helen Valenza. 

If traveling to Baltimore or meeting for a pick-up is not an option, please consider shipping your instrument. Call or email for details.

Repairs @ (remove spaces)

cell: 716-43O-5296 (leave message)

Friday Flex Times

The schedule at JWS is backed up worse than it has ever been making it challenging and frustrating for clients with small incidental repairs that pop up between annual service appointments.  Times will be available on some Fridays to meet this need.  Instruments without regular service for more than 24 months may be refused.

  • Appointments are required per instrument. You could make an appointment the morning of, but you don't know if you don't ask.
  • Available time will be limited to 2 hours per instrument.
  • Base fee of $110 to cover the first hour.
  • Repairs that require more than 2 hours of time may incur emergency rates beyond that.

Use this form to book a Friday Flex Time repair ------>

Emergency repairs are available, schedule permitting.  See pricing above.

Small repair availability on Fridays.

Limited space--Appointment required.

​While-you-wait repairs are still on hold.

Baltimore, MD

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