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Jeff's Woodwind Shop is one of the few comprehensive woodwind repair shops in the Northeast United States that specializes in service to professional players. Orchestral and chamber musicians from around the Northeast and Midwest have chosen Jeff's Woodwind Shop as the place to get their equipment serviced. Areas of speciality include the repair of handmade flutes and piccolos, repair and improvement of professional saxophones, and restoration of grenadilla instruments.  Jeff's Woodwind Shop is one of the few shops in the world with extensive experience repairing flutes from the critical transition period of the mid 19th century

While there are many fine repair shops where your instrument will be made to play how it was designed, there are very few shops where your instrument will be repaired to play how you require. Jeff's Woodwind Shop is one of these shops: a haven for players who are very sensitive to how their instrument plays.

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Service by appointment             +1.7164305296         repairs@woodwindfixer.com

​About Jeff

​About The Shop

1861 Adolphe Sax soprano saxophone from the collection of Paul Cohen.

​All service at Jeff's Woodwind Shop is done by appointment.

The hourly shop rate for scheduled repairs is $85/hour.

Emergency repairs are billed at $120/hour with a one hour minimum.

Jeff Dening has been repairing musical instruments for over 2 decades. He has worked in and operated repair shops in 6 states, training with some of the most discriminating and demanding technicians in the field. As a concert saxophonist by training he has a certain obsession with studying and improving saxophones of all shapes and sizes. In recent years Jeff has become fascinated and bewitched by the history, design, and musical possibilities of the flute family. This passion was spurred onward with the opportunity to assist in the conservation of one of the world's finest collections of 19th century flutes.

Jeff is devoted to continuing education and frequently contributes by presenting clinics and lournal articles for repair technicians and musicians alike. He has given live presentations at regional and international events in New York, Ohio, Virginia, Texas, Florida, and Arizona, as well as being a video clinician for PROBIRT. Jeff is a Master Clinician for NAPBIRT and has been recognized as an expert in the field by the US Department of Labor. He holds degrees in music education and classical saxophone performance from Baldwin-Wallace Conservatory.

Jeff Dening is trained and certified to install Straubinger, Muramatsu, and JS Gold pads.

Baltimore, MD

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