Baltimore, MD

Jeff's Woodwind Shop


Jeff's Woodwind Shop is primarily a repair shop, not a retail music store.  The variety of products musicians will ask for is simply too great for a one-person operation to handle.  However, there are select few products that JWS endorses wholeheartedly and will make available for customers to order and purchase.

Wiseman Cases (London, England) make some of the best musical instrument cases available today.  They are made of top quality materials and craftsmanship and carry a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.  As a repair tech, an overwhelming number of "routine" repairs are things that happen in the case.  Why put a precision instrument that your livelihood may depend on in a case that was mass produced to accommodate either a $500 instrument or a $5000 instrument equally poorly?  Ordering a Wiseman Case through JWS is an investment in the long term health and protection of your equipment.  Use the form in the contact page to inquire.

Key Leaves products are another product proudly sold by Jeff's Woodwind Shop.  Key Leaves makes award winning saxophone related products and a non-petroleum base cork grease.  Most cork greases out there have petroleum products in them, which can adversely affect the adhesive that holds tenon and neck corks in place.  Key Leaves products keep you playing longer.  Use the form in the contact page to inquire.

Woodwind Design Stands are carbon fiber instrument stands made in the Netherlands. Compact, super light, and super strong, these ingeniously designed instrument stands fill the need of all musicians from students and amateurs to traveling pros.

Guru Bags are flute case covers and travel bags made by tailors in Lima, Peru.  Superior craftsmanship and clever design features produce bags designed around the needs of flutists.  Bags are available in multiple colors of waterproof material or top grain leather.

​Consignments are a very rare occurrence at JWS.  It is not what people come to the shop for so there is generally not the traffic to get eyes on an instrument for sale.  Any instruments for sale will have a general listing on this page.