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If you have multiple instruments in need of repair, this sale is for you!

Whether it's a back-up instrument, a same family double (piccolo/flute, alto/tenor sax), or you just have a lot of different instruments for pit work or teaching, this is your chance!

Baltimore, MD

All invoicing done through Square.  Electronic payment or payment by check accepted.

Deposits are non-refundable if appointment is cancelled after March 31, 2023.  Deposits for cancelled appointments may be applied to other repairs or purchases.

Example 2

Clarinet overhaul... July appt ... reg. price

Flute head fit... Aug appt. ... reg. price

Alto sax COA ... Sept appt ... 10% off

Deposit due: $100 -- flute repair is < $200

Example 1

Back-up Flute COA ... June appt ... reg. price

Piccolo  COA ... Aug appt. ...  10% off

Flute Overhaul ... Jan 2024 appt ... 20% off

Deposit due: $150

2023 Multiple Instrument Fixing Sale

​Scheduling open until March 31, 2023

The first instrument scheduled is regular price.

Each additional eligible instrument scheduled saves an additional 10% on its repair up to 50%. 

So, yes, if you have 6 instruments to get fixed, #6 would be 50% off.

Eligible repairs are those of $200 or more scheduled together for any time in the offer period. 

Scheduling for this offer closes on March 31, 2023.  

Instruments must be on the calendar to be begun before February 1, 2024.

$50 deposit required for each instrument scheduled.

Jeff's Woodwind Shop is primarily a repair shop, not a retail music store.  The variety of products musicians will ask for is simply too great for a one-person operation to handle.  However, there are select few products that JWS endorses wholeheartedly and will make available for customers to order and purchase.

Wiseman Cases (London, England) make some of the best musical instrument cases available today.  They are made of top quality materials and craftsmanship and carry a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.  As a repair tech, an overwhelming number of "routine" repairs are things that happen in the case.  Why put a precision instrument that your livelihood may depend on in a case that was mass produced to accommodate either a $500 instrument or a $5000 instrument equally poorly?  Ordering a Wiseman Case through JWS is an investment in the long term health and protection of your equipment.  Use the form in the contact page to inquire.

Key Leaves products are another product proudly sold by Jeff's Woodwind Shop.  Key Leaves makes award winning saxophone related products and a non-petroleum base cork grease.  Most cork greases out there have petroleum products in them, which can adversely affect the adhesive that holds tenon and neck corks in place.  Key Leaves products keep you playing longer.  Use the form in the contact page to inquire.

​Consignments are a very rare occurrence at JWS.  It is not what people come to the shop for so there is generally not the traffic to get eyes on an instrument for sale.  Any instruments for sale will have a general listing on this page.

Currently sampling carbon fiber instrument stands from WoodWind Designs in the Netherlands.  Testers needed.